Member & Donor Management

Are you part of a large non-profit or an individual fundraiser and trying to figure out the best way to raise the money you need to be a success? With our fundraising donor management platform, you can choose the program level that best suits your goals so you can focus on the areas in which you're an expert and let us handle the payments and administrative part of fundraising. Whether you have a long-term campaign that needs constant management or something short term and simple, our platform has the solution you need either in your branding or with our professionally designed crowdfunding pages.

Features of Our Member & Donor Management Software

We create customized pages to match your website because we don't interfere with your mission.
All communication with donors has a "Donate" button that leads them directly to the fundraising page, and there is confirmation sent to them when a donation is received successfully. This makes it easy for them to donate and to track their own donations.
Your program will be enabled for email campaigning, automatic receipts and notifications, and email support.
There is also a feature that makes it easy to set up recurring payments for any venture that is going to continue for an indefinite period of time. Process Donation has a secure payment processing portal that is certified and tested to rigorous PCI Security payment standards and sensitive information is never stored in the portal.

Why Use Process Donation for Member & Donor Management When Fundraising

You can keep your theme throughout, but our customized fundraising pages allow other supporters to manage individual pages that are directly linked to yours. Fundraisers are free to use with other social marketing platforms such as Twitter and Facebook to reach the maximum number of supporters and donors. Our dedicated team of experts can help you best use the platform to reach out and manage your donors, leaving you time for more new initiatives and successes. Our member & donor fundraising software is secured with the best encryption technology available, and Process Donation does not share sensitive information with third parties.

Manage Your Donors & Members Today With Process Donation

Our online donor management software will make it possible for you to fulfill your fundraising needs and keep track of your donors. Because your supporters will have their own pages, you can exceed your goals exponentially. Let us help you surpass your own expectations. Our packages have very reasonable fees, and our basic standard page is free because we want to help you achieve your desired target instead of being another problem to overcome. Contact us today and see how we can best help you.