ProcessDonation provides all the data you need to track your organization’s progress against your targets. Our solution helps you compare and measure up donations raised against the goal. You will have multiple reports and features to get an overview of your progress.

Organization Cause Management

Your organization may run various campaigns per year - either for a single cause or for several individual causes. Multiple campaigns need to be tracked separately so that the effectiveness of each campaign can be analyzed. ProcessDonation facilitates this by allowing organizations to create causes with a unique ID.This reporting feature allows your organization to analyze targeted information and aids you in future campaign planning.


ProcessDonation has advanced reporting capabilities. Below is a list of reports currently available in our system.

Transaction Detail Report - Provides a list of all the transactions related to a campaign.

Recurring Summary Report - Provides a list of all the recurring transactions.

Donor Report - Provides a list of all the donor names and their details like email addresses and phone numbers.

Tax Exemption Report for Donors - Provides a list of all the donations made in a calendar year which helps with the proper documentation for tax deductions.