Our Story

Process Donation was originally started when a pair of payments technology executives devoted to helping non-profits and charitable organizations in their communities decided to team up and develop a solution to help fundraisers beyond the borders of their cities. They extensively researched the existing solutions in the marketplace and continued collaborating until they had built a robust technology platform to address the needs for organizations to manage their fundraising efforts.

We believe that any nonprofit should have access to the tools they need to manage the essential role of fundraising and expand its' efforts to try and keep pace with the mission and vision they have for their organization. No longer are these tools only available to larger nonprofits willing to pay significant start-up and monthly fees; at Process Donation we have a solution the larger nonprofits need for a price point the smaller nonprofits can afford.

Whether you simply want to accept donations on your website, let others raise donations on your behalf (aka peer to peer crowdfunding), host events, offer memberships, or keep track of your donors, we have a solution for you. Whether you are raising funds for a single cause or for hundreds of causes, through a single website or across affiliate websites and social media pages, our solution, interface, and reporting make it easy for you to set-up, keep track of, and promote your efforts for the best possible results. click for more

We've made our pricing simple to understand. To use the platform we charge a fee you can pay monthly or annually, and then as the donations start to flow in we charge an amount based on those donations. We celebrate your success and we don't penalize you for having too many donors or volunteers, and you can ask as many people as you want to help you raise money while incurring no user fees or per page fees. No extra fees from the payment networks or merchant processors. We cover it for you. And on our solution your cost of accepting payments is the lowest in the industry. Even compared to companies flashing low rates, nonprofits using our solution receive more of the intended donation. click for more

And you are not alone, we started Process Donation to help nonprofits succeed whatever their missions may be, so you are never more than a phone call or email away from connecting with us to share your thoughts or to ask for our help in solving a problem. So contact us today


Don Krasnosky

President and Chief Executive Officer

Don Krasnosky is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Process Donation. He has worked in the credit card and payments industry for over twenty-five years and his background includes building processing platforms and risk systems as Chief Operating Officer for TransFirst (a top 10 merchant acquirer) and General Manager over all of Fidelity Information Services' (FIS) merchant program. Read More His responsibilities in those organizations have included all aspects of the customer experience from onboarding to support driving customer loyalty to developing new solutions that customers want. He has served in the Peace Corp in Vanuatu, hiked the Himalayas and is avid Yoga practitioner. He served our country as an intelligence specialist and then graduated with a Finance degree from the University of Miami. Read Less

Prasad Papudesi

Chief Technology Officer and Founder

Prasad Papudesi is our Chief Technology Officer and Founder of Process Donation. He started his career in the credit card and payment processing industry and has worked extensively with developing and supporting point of sale solutions for different merchant industries. He founded a technology company in 2005 that offered consulting and development services to some of the largest payment processing companies Read More building solutions for the next generation of payments. For the last ten years he has been actively involved in social and cultural nonprofits and has been an ardent supporter and donor for various causes. He started Process Donation by applying his expertise in payment processing to the unique challenges of the nonprofit world. He has a Masters Degree in Computer Information Systems from Eastern Michigan University. Read Less

John Kirkpatrick

Strategic Advisor and Founder

John Kirkpatrick is a Strategic Advisor and Founder of Process Donation. Throughout his extensive career, he has focused in information technology and has held multiple executive roles with numerous global responsibilities, including IT mergers and acquisitions, software engineering, business intelligence, corporate governance, data center operations, e-commerce, and product development. He has Read More served on multiple technology boards, Electronic Transactions Association committees and was a founding board member of the Payments Processing Information Sharing Council. He volunteers for multiple community groups and is a certified dog handler for a search and rescue team in his home state of Colorado. He earned his bachelor's degree in engineering from the Colorado School of Mines. Read Less